Welcome to Cars for Kids, where your car donation helps fund programs for Kids in need.

Join Mikey, the Kars for Kids mascot, with some online games and fun, a Matchbox car and toy drive, and an online 'Cars for kids' club...As we donate cars to help disadvantaged kids and their families.
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Car donation at Kars for Kids for a tax deduction while helping to fund programs for kids in need.


Donate your Matchbox Cars and Toys

Welcome to Cars for Kids' matchbox car and toy drive. Join Mikey, as we collect new, unused, still-in-the-wrapper matchbox cars, games, and toys (appropriate for children ages 6 and up) to be distributed to children in need through our Cars for Kids network.

Donate your matchbox car to Kars4kidsThe children in our network are part of families which are hard-pressed to afford basic needs, some of them living below the poverty line.

Naturally, there has never been much money for toys for them, if at all. Imagine the joy on the children's faces as they unwrap their new gifts, and how they will feel knowing that someone cared enough to bring some sunshine into their lives.

When you donate your matchbox car or toys to Cars for Kids, you help bring happiness to a disadvantaged child.

And it’s such a simple way to make a difference!


Matchbox Car and Toy Drive: How it Works

If you have any toys or matchbox cars to donate, email us, and we’ll contact you with instructions. Your donation makes a difference – for every kid, a kar!

Toys Matchbox Cars


Donate your Car

When you are ready to donate your car, please consider Kars for Kids.

You will be sent a tax deductible receipt in addition to a voucher for a three-day, two-night hotel stay. Get rid of your car while helping out disadvantaged kids: Donate to Kars4Kids today!

Making a donation is quick and simple.

You can contact us by filling out the online car donation form and we'll show you how to do it, in just a few minutes!

Your car donation will benefit Joy for Our Youth, a 501(c)(3) charity organization providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of distressed and at-risk youth.

Donate your cars to Kars4Kids



Welcome to Kars 4 Kids! Your car donation helps us fund awesome programs for underprivileged kids.
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Donate to our Matchbox car and toy drive to help underprivileged kids
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