Welcome to Kars for Kids Fun Site, where your car donation helps fund programs for Kids in need.

Join Mikey, the Kars4Kids mascot, with some online games and fun, a Matchbox car and toy drive, and an online 'karsforkids' club...As we donate cars to help disadvantaged kids and their families.
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Car donation at Kars for Kids for a tax deduction while helping to fund programs for kids in need.Kars4Kids Fun Site - Play Now!Kars4Kids Matchbox Car and Toy Drive

Welcome to Kars For Kids Fun Site!

We all have busy lives and schedules, and we all work hard. That’s why Kars for Kids put up this fun website. We know that in order to be productive, it’s important to have some time to ourselves. So relax and humor the kid inside of you as you explore the fun side of Kars for Kids! Enjoy reading about Mikey the Kars 4 Kids mascot and his pet dog Scraps. Have fun playing some fun challenging games. Find out how you can help this great charity while having fun too!

Through "Cars for Kids Fun Site" you can help the children in a big way! By donating your vehicle to Kars4Kids.org 501 (c)(3) charity, the proceeds of your generous donation will help fund numerous programs for children. In addition, when you donate your car to Kars 4 Kids you are helping the local economy. Your donation provides work for towing companies, advertisement companies, repair shops, and many more!

Kars 4 Kids will gladly assist in the paper work, including your tax deductible receipt and the prompt pick up of your vehicle! You also will receive a Vacation Voucher for a 2 night and 3 day hotel stay. So, if you're thinking about donating your vehicle or toys, contact Kars 4 Kids and ask any questions you may have.

Your donation is tax-deductible. We arrange towing, provide customer support and more. We accept cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, boats, real estate, and other items.

When you donate to Kars4Kids, you not only get rid of your old car, but you also have an easy and wonderful opportunity to make a difference:  Your donation helps finance many local programs for needy kids and their families.


We are now accepting applications for those interested in joining the Kars4Kids Agent program.

Play online Games, join our Matchbox Car and Toy Drive, and donate your old car to Cars for Kids, a division of Kars for kids (www.kars4kids.org), a registered 501 (C)(3) charity helping children in need.



Welcome to Kars for Kids Fun Site! Your car donation helps us fund awesome programs for underprivileged kids.
Click here to donate your car to Kars 4 Kids, and make a difference in the life of a child!
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Everything there is to know about me, Mikey, the Kars 4 Kids mascot.
Donate to our Matchbox car and toy drive to help underprivileged kids
Click here to play Mikey’s favorite fun online games…he knows you’ll like them, too!
Cars for Kids
A division of Kars4Kids.org
What we do for disadvantaged kids...

Cars for Kids, (www.carsforkids.com) the fun site of www.kars4kids.org, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity helping children in need.

Donate your car at 1.877.KARS4KIDS